Sunday, June 14, 2015

Exotic Foods

Several people asked me what kind of food we eat in London.I've  been to a pub,a pizza place, and had PB&J;but we've had some more exotic foods as well.We had Indian twice.It was really good, and the chicken was really spicy. The naan was a lot different than usual at one place,and at the other, it was really small.
Indian food booth at the farmer's market.

    We also went to a Portuguese restaurant called Nando's.It was also very good, and there was strawberry juice that my mom says is a "concentrate".  It didn't have any water in it, so you pour the juice in your glass, and THEN you pour water in,and it fills up a full glass,only getting rid of 1/2 a teensy,weensie,bottle of the strawberry juice.
  Also,on a Harry Potter tour,we had Butterbeer.
Me and my Butterbeer!(tastes like RB+butterscotch+whipped cream--very good!!!)

Speaking (blogging) of drinks,we also had a passion fruit Fanta in Brasil,which we thought was exotic.Yet 1 year later, we find raspberry passion fruit Fanta in London.

The food here is really good!!!


  1. It sounds like you're eating quite a variety of ethnic foods. Are you trying any traditional British foods? What are your favorites?

  2. Yes, my favorites are fish and chips, sausage rolls, and honeycomb!!!