Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Normal Day

In London,this is my idea of a normal day:
    First, we have like an hour to sleep in, and then we go shopping for specific stuff.And then we just come across some stores like the candy store, charity shops,and shops I don't know how to describe like the Fat Faced Cat.(a store)
   Next, we go back to our flat to take a break(Or a lunch break), then go to a museum or a show,and take like eight hours to finish there, and six to get back...to the grocery store.
    Then we go to the grocery store for like an hour and fight over whether or not I can buy a Kinder SURPRISE! (A Kinder surprise is a toy inside a chocolate egg.)Then we WALK home.
    Finally, we get home at like 11:00 eat dinner, take a bath, have devo., brush our teeth, beg for reading time before bed, don't get it, and FINALLY get to bed at about 12:00.Repeat. 


  1. Ok. This isn't quite accurate. We eat dinner before 11:00. Geesh. What kind of parenting would that be?!

  2. I get the impression that you are tired of shopping, Knox. I also sense your frustration with not getting to do what you'd prefer to do. Very good writing with good descriptions that do a good job of portraying your emotions to your reader. Gina, I get the feeling your son needs a break....and some more sleep.... ;-)

  3. OF COURSE you can have a Kinder Surprise. Just tell 'em I said so.

  4. I'm with Gayle. Just tell them to put it on Papaw's tab. We'll settle up when you get home.
    And I'd like to know more about the shows and museums that take eight hours!

  5. It's so great to hear all about life in London, Knox! We are certainly missing you here in Indiana, but it is so incredible that you are able to have all of these unique cultural experiences. On behalf of Peyton, be sure to keep your eye out Stampy :) Hugs to your entire family!

  6. Sounds like fun to me! I love hearing about your adventures, and it is great that your family ends every day with a devo :) Love that family of yours! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Knox.